Solving data conundrums in healthcare

Healthcare is plagued with numerous challenges. Biggest of which is how to use data to drive change in an industry steeped in outdated business models. There is a lot of  data but most of it is stuck in siloed applications. In some institutions, reports are a plenty but no centralized mechanism exists to look at data consistently, ask questions of it that  would make the system smarter and more efficient. Purple Pivot aims to help organizations do exactly that.


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Purple Pivot exists to solve the critical data issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique methodology combines various elements of design thinking, Lean and Six sigma to help our client approach data problems differently. We approach analytics as a project, not just as a set of dashboards or scorecards delivered to our clients.


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Approach complex problems with serious analytical power

We can answer your most complicated questions with data. From questions ranging from readmissions predictability to competitive market intelligence, we can use data to help answer those questions for you.



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