Data Organization and Analysis for Healthcare

Your healthcare business can achieve better outcomes for your patients, employees, and finances with precise data and accurate analytics. With the right information, we make it faster and easier to make the most effective decisions for your organization so you can work smarter, faster, safer.



Reduce the amount of time and resources required to leverage organizational data in decision making.

Improve outcomes for your patients, resulting in improved reputation and greater revenue.

Improve communication of critical information across your organization.

Your data tells a story – and that story holds the key to improved outcomes throughout your healthcare organization. Purple Pivot exists to ensure that your data is gathered completely, organized retrievably, analyzed effectively, and translated to you efficiently.
You need to turn your organization’s critical data into effective improvement every day. We make it easy.

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What you know matters.

What you do with it matters even more.

The healthcare environment is changing rapidly. Don’t stay stuck in catch-up mode. It’s time you switch gears and use your organization’s data to answer tough questions and become an industry leader in patient-driven innovation. We will help you organize your institutional data to tell the entire story of your organization, and use that data to drive the leading innovations your healthcare business needs to provide better care for your patients and stand out from your competitors.


Your decisions are only as good as the data that supports them.

You work hard to gather as much data as possible from across your organization. Then what? You should have a simple, clear dashboard in place to gather and organize data from different Electronic Medical Records and other transactional software systems , and then share those insights across your organization efficiently for real time feedback. We analyze your organization and create custom integration solutions to enhance two-way data communication across teams for the most efficient, effective decision implementation possible.

Data Cloud
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Your organizational data tells a story. We’ll illustrate it for you.

Good visual representation of data can speed up the time to insight generation. We will turn your organizational data into efficient decision making tools by converting your data into straightforward
visual representations that make functional analysis faster and easier.


Improve patient outcomes with precise data and accurate analytics.

You work hard to gather as much data as possible from across your organization. But what does it all mean? Your organizational data tells a story – and that story holds the key to improving outcomes and better serving your patients. We’ll help you cut out the guesswork by translating your organizational data into a clearer picture, so you can focus on developing the bold innovations that will propel your healthcare organization into the future risk free.


Are you getting the right information at the right time? Let’s have a look. Click here for a free data analysis consultation and let us help you start gathering and analyzing your data smarter, faster, easier – free.



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